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A Different Kind of Care

I am thrilled that you are interested in checking out my new clinic, Nelson Direct Primary Care! I started this practice because I was fed up with the status quo in medicine today. Patients deserve better, doctors deserve better, and we all deserve better! Communication is EVERYTHING in medicine, and it is difficult, if not impossible, for one doctor and his staff to effectively and clearly communicate with thousands of patients in a timely manner, especially when patient needs are urgent. I was tired of my patients calling in needing to talk to me directly and finding that it was near impossible to have the time to call them back. I was tired of my patients calling the office, needing to see me urgently, and being booked with another doctor because I had no openings for two weeks. I was tired of waking up at 4 AM every morning trying to catch up on all the messages, refills, phone calls, specialist notes, and all the other work outside of patient visits that it sent through our electronic medical records inbox. I was just tired.

I heard about this new and alternative model of medicine called direct primary care. It is a different kind of care where doctors have hundreds of patients instead of thousands. It's a model where doctors talk to patients directly and in a timely manner. It is a practice where doctors and patients communicate incredibly well.

I have always loved people, and I truly value relationships. Direct primary care allows me to know my patients incredibly well and consider them close friends. It emphasizes patient relationships, where each person feels valued and heard. I find human relationships to be the most rewarding thing on earth, so enhancing those relationships is very fulfilling to me. I have discovered that direct primary care is my passion.

So I hope you strongly consider Nelson Direct Primary Care. Here you'll be valued and cared for. Here you'll get the support and direct communication you need when you urgently need it. Here you'll get a different kind of care.

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